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SiloamPool explains her Simple Complexity

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Give me a little bit about your background. Where are you from and how did you get started in music?

I was a born and raised the motor city, Detroit, MI, one of seven siblings.

My love of music started in our home, which was filled with a wide range of great music. We sang in church and school programs. I really didn’t venture into music seriously until college.

What was your most memorable moment in your music career?

Recording and touring with Fred Hammond and his choir RFC. We preformed with many great artist. Performing for Mrs. Rosa Parks, was phenomenal.

What was your most challenging moment?

Overcoming being extremely shy, it was so bad, that I dropped out of our high school choir after the first day of auditions, when I saw that I’d have to sing for the choir director; by myself in front of the whole class! Being that shy was a huge hindrance. It’s why I didn’t take the leap into music until college.

Who are your musical influences?

I have several but a short list is: Al Jarreau he was an uninhibited amazingly gifted vocalist. Sting, his writing gives such great imagery, taking you places. Roberta Flack and Diana Ross they have smooth, melodic, soulful, feminine styles that I love. Marvin Gaye , passion and groove radiates in his music and Nina Simone she was very creative and expressive.

If you could do a duet and or have someone write a song for you from your favorite artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

Oh boy that’s a tough question!

Kevon Edmonds, he’s a beautiful singer. It would be wonderful to do a duet with him. It would be cool to co-write and perform a duet with Seal.

What is the last song you’ve listened to by another artist and who are your present favorites?

Last I listened to was “Something About You” by Brian Simpson. I like Anthony Hamilton, H.E.R, Gregory Porter and Chris Botti

What was your most embarrassing moment while at a live performance or interview?

I’m sure this has happened to many an artist, but forgetting a line in a song! That’s why it is good to have great synergy with your band, you can play through the hiccups lolol.

How many singles/albums do you have out presently and are there any projects in the works?

We just released our debut album Simple Complexity with the single “Let It Go”.

We’ve written a lot of material but the focus right now is promoting Simple Complexity.

What are your either weird habits or traditions before performing live or recording?

Weird…don’t know that this is weird but I minimized talking on the day of a show or a vocal recording session. I make sure I work out and I pray!

What advice would you like to give to upcoming artist?

No matter what one aspires to achieve, whether as an artist or any field .. the more you’re connected to your heart, your spirit the more creative you become. Spend time learning, discovering and asking God to show you your purpose. Be a good listener. Develop a manner and environment that’s best for you to be creative.

Check out SiloamPool here on her website and purchase her music

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