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" Miracle Thomas" The Vocalist, The Songwriter, The Producer! She's Got it all!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

My name is Miracle Thomas. I am a vocalist, songwriter and producer.

I started singing publicly at the age of three with “The Gems of Truth

Gospel Choir” in my hometown in Lynchburg, Virginia. I studied under the

late Dr. Napoleon Reed who was an original member of the broadway show

Carmen Jones. I am classically trained and I have competed in over 200

talent competitions (nationally and internationally).

I have many memorable moments. Since I have to choose one, it would be

when I sang the National Anthem at a basketball game in Maryland at a

Chicago Bulls Game and Michael Jordan was starting to a crowd of over


My most challenging moment was when I opened for a major act and their

engineering crew didn’t want me to have a full sound in the amphitheater

and they turned off my monitors during the show which made it difficult for

me to hear my band. Music is a feeling and since I connect with it on a

spiritual level, it didn’t hinder my performance.

My influences cover many genres of music. Patti LabBell, Gladys Knight,

Dolly Parton, Babyface, Whitney Houston, White Snake, Bob Marley, opera

singer Denyce Graves and last but not least, my uncle, the late Carl

Anderson who is known for his song “Buttercup”.

I put my music career on hold after my son was diagnosed with autism at

the age of 2. I didn’t know much about the diagnosis and I would stay up

many nights Googling and trying to connect with others who had family

members who were autistic so I could make sure I utilized all resources so

my son could have a chance to live a productive life. I recently started

singing again in 2018 because my son said he thought it was time for the

world to hear me.

I didn’t get into the music industry to be a role model. However, it can come

with the territory. Parents should be active in their children’s lives and make

sure their needs are met. For the younger generation who fall short and

don’t have a role model, I would make myself available. This has happened

many times in my life.

I’ve been put in situations where I had to choose the moral high ground

because some of my male counterparts were used to females giving sexual

favors for music tracks, to move up in the industry, etc. This makes it

extremely difficult for people like myself who thinks that it should be all

about the talent. I have one boundary, when it comes to my business

ethics: DO NOT come at me in a sexual way. I have ran into a few people

who would challenge this because some of my songs are sensual. I have to

remind them that it’s a song and it’s entertainment.

Some fo the life’s lessons I have learned while in pursuance of my lifelong

dreams is to stay focused, surround yourself with people who want the best

for you, network often and learn as much about the industry as possible, so

you can be prepared on different levels.

My life hasn’t changed much since Covid-19 because I was mainly staying

at home and I had the pleasure to be able to work from home. The only that

changed mainly is being extra careful and taking more precautions to

continue to stay safe.

I am currently collaborating with Rob Hardt, the owner of SedSoul Records

in Germany and also a member of the group Cool Million. Rob is an

incredible musician/producer. He brings out the best in me and he believes

in me. He continues to send me tracks to write to and I am having the time

of my life. Rob Hardt released “I’m All You Need” (#2 on the Amazon UK

and UK Soul Chart) “If I Told You” (#23 on Amazon UK/Top 10 on the UK

Soul Chart), he featured me on “Get Up On The Floor” and my latest

project “Let Me Love You” is doing well and I’m starting to get regular

airplay in the States. The Donnie Simpson Show in Maryland featured the

song on the show and with that support it has helped me get more

exposure. Rob created a remix that will make you want to get up and

dance. I have a song that I released “I Wanna Be Your Girl”. The track was

composed by London’s own DJ Mystique. I’m finish up an album with Ian

Greaves from Barbados and his partner Brian Bowry and DJ Bizzie Bee in

the UK. They have a company called Intellect Music. We are currently

recording an album and Rob Hardt is planning on doing a remix on one of

the songs. I also recorded a song with guitarist Dave Mascall from the UK.

He featured me on his song “Brighter Day” and I am asked him for a favor

on a song I wrote “Let A Man Be A Man”. I am planning on releasing it in

early 2022.

There are many steps someone has to take to reach their greatest

potential. First of all, you have to love what you do if you are trying to

pursue a career in the music industry because the game has changed so

much and what you used to earn from album/single sales isn’t as lucrative

like it was in the past. You have an advantage of being able to record from

home because of the software and other devices you can obtain, so you

can create a home recording studio and this will save you a lot of money in

the long run. Make sure you get a website and keep a consistent social

media presence. Space things out so you don’t get burned out especially if

you don’t have anyone to help you maintain it; get ready to wear many


The best advice I can give someone who is traveling in the same direction

as myself is to develop an unbreakable work ethic. This will take you far

and it will set you aside from the rest. I also want to add to take care of

yourself. Eat as healthy as possible, stay active and make sure you are

getting proper rest. Everyone doesn’t require 8 full hours of sleep in order

to be rejuvenated. You know your body, do what’s best for you and reach

for the stars….

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