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Broadway Star, Gospel Singer, Drummer & Actress, Timeka Shaunail, is All Around Gifted!

Timeka Shaunail is a professional gospel artist, well-known drummer, and aspiring actress. She performed “Grease Lightning & Grease lighting ll” in Broadway Theatre. She also starred in local theatre plays such as One Quiet Night, My High School Sweet Heart, Hard Times, I Love You Your Perfect Now Change, Hell is Real and much more. She will be featured in the new movie coming 2020 titled “Gators Society”. She presented a civil rights leader award to Mimi Easton, which is Martin Luther King Jr’s great, great-granddaughter at the 2017 Voice Awards. Timeka Shaunail has worked with gospel artist Tallie Rogers, R&B singer Joe Barrino A.K.A Singer Teeny who is Fantasia's brother, and R&B singer Sting. Timeka Shaunail just happens to be the cousin of the legend Oprah Winfrey and Mavis Staple. R&B Singer Bradd Young has been Timeka Shaunail producer for six years and counting. (This statement was cited from Timeka Shaunail's website )

I had the opportunity to interview this amazing gifted singer, this is what she told me about herself.

Tell me a little bit about your background. Where are you from and how did you get started in music?

I’m from Saint Louis Missouri. My career started in the church when I started singing in music groups and beating drums.

What was the most memorable moment in your music career?

The first time I stepped into a studio it was like magic and I started singing my first single “In My Life”.

What was your most challenging moment?

I remember back in 2017 around the time I was about to go to the Voice awards. My assistant and I got to the lambert airport and missed our plane because of our slow cab driver, but God opened up another for us. They arranged another plane for us and we got out there safe and sound.

Who are your musical influences?

Bebe & Cece Winans, Tamala Mann, Whitney Houston, and Shirley Ceaser

If you could do a duet and or have someone write a song for you from your favorite artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

Tamala Mann

What is the last song you’ve listened to by another artist and who are your present favorites?

Tamala Mann “Take Me To The King” / Present Favorites: Tamala Mann, Marvin Sapp, Kiera Sheard, Fred Hammond, and My Cousin Ms. Mavis Staples

What was your most embarrassing moment while at a live performance or interview?

Interview- Talking too much. Live performance: I attended a gospel festival and I was having a messed up day and I forgot some of the words to my song “In My Life”.

How many singles/albums do you have out presently and are there any projects in the works?

I got 3 singles and a no album yet, but in May my album comes out. Projects: My show Gospel Nation, I have a new movie I’m going to be in, I start filming it in August, I also have a couple of commercials that’s in the works.

What are your either weird habits or traditions before performing live or recording?

I don’t have any at the moment.

What advice would you like to give to upcoming artists?

Stay focused, keep God first, and don’t let anyone hinder you from becoming successful.

Facebook: Timeka Shaunail


Record Label: Independent

IG: timekashau

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