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Andrew " Prone" Sedman

"Mixed Bag Show"

Fridays 12-2 pm PST and  8-10 GMT

Station Manager and co-owner of Indie Soul Radio. Channel 5 TV Personality " Slum Landlords and Nightmare Tenants. Radio DJ . ex b-boy SIN CREW, percussionist with over 36 years experience in both fields. Playing back in time Funk, Soul, Jazz, Latin, new independent soul, neo-soul, new funk 


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Andrew Sedman

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Gina Sedman

"Glorious Grooves" Every Sunday 8-9 am PST and 4-5 pm GMT 

Singer-Songwriter, Filmmaker, CEO/Owner/Founder/ President of Indie Soul Radio, NDME TV Network, The Indie Post Magazine, Under The Radar Magazine, Gina Carey Films, All INDIEFLIX, GNA Universal Media, and Gico Music. Has recorded over 14 CD's and singles and has written, produced, directed, filmed, and edited over 8 including talk shows. 


Gina Carey

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